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Walnuts Kernels

The features of Yunnan’s walnuts are that thin shell,teaste delicious, high quality and bigger than other walnuts

Nutritional function:

1, it contains many kinds of nutritious elements such as unsaturated fatty acid, walnut lecithoid, folic acid, lactoflavin, vitamin B6, vitamin E, zinc, manganese and chrome etc. And is good for the heart, brain, hairs and can delay the consenescence process.

2, it is a good treatment for dermatitis and eczema

3, it can be effective of anti-cancers such as esophageal cencer, gastric cancer, nasopharyngeal cancer, lung cancer, thyroid cancer, lymphosarcoma,etc.  

4, it contains lower cholesterol, can reduce absorption of cholesterol.Also the cholesterol can be dissolved and purify the dirt impurities of blood,in order to, protect human health