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Golden Raisin

Green Raisin, natural flavor and Fresh pleasant smell not stale,It is pure natural healthy food.

Green raisin is made of the best quality of grapes original in XinJiang. It is air dried by hanging inside a special cooling room. It is sorted by twice of laser scan with state-of-art equipments to make sure the high quality of itself. The product has consistent colour with greenish and yellowish outlook. It is consistently sized with rich pulp and natural flavor. It is pure natural healthy food, the best among all kinds of raisins. 

Raisin: Green raisin, red raisin, golden raisin

1. size:Jumbo: 140-180pcs/100g; Big size: 180-240pcs/100g

Middle size: 240-340pcs/100g: Small size: 490-600pcs/100g

2. content: Moisture<15%, Sugar>65%, Benign Impurity<0.5%, Acidity: 0.9%-2.1%

3. Flavor: Natural sweet fruity with no odors or taints

4. Packaging: in 10kgs or 12.5kgs carton with poly bag inner.

18MT(1800ctns)/20FCL, for 10kgs net weight per carton.

18MT(1440ctns)/20FCL, for 12.5kgs net weight per carton.

5. Delivery Time: shipment in 15-25days after signing sales contract.

6. Shelf Lift: 12months from production if stored in correct conditions (cool and dark).

7. Users: raisin are eaten as choice food and used in many productions for flavor in bread, cake, sweets, and wine.