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Rizhao Galaxy Nuts Co.,Ltd
Adds:Heshan International Industrial Park,
Rizhao City,Shandong prov,China.
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About us

Rizhao Galaxy Nut Co is one of the Biggest manufacturers and exporters in the field of nuts and seeds in Shandong, China. We have two big peanut factories and one big seed factory producing and exporting more than 30,000MT peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and beans.
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Rizhao Galaxy Nut Co has developed its undertakings from the first day and increased its business volume, keeping an international level the company maintained trade relations with 40 countries throughout the world, such as The Middle East, Europe, Southeast Asia,South America,North America, and Russia etc.

Our Product & Business Online:

You can find a great selection of PeanutsSunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, , beans, buckwheat,raisin and walnuts etc. Your special orders are also available for pick up when placed in advance. We would appreciate 24 hours notice to produce, pack, pull and check special orders.We are holding the ISO9001:2000,HACCP Certificates . Rizhao Galaxy is an experienced, expert and reliable manufacture who never gives concessions from quality, who have principles and who utilize technology efficiently. In bulk and packed nuts and seeds production are made in hygienec conditions.